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IT-solutions to businesses in the finance and leasing industry with universal applications. We help businesses achieve growth and success.

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We’re a business development, technology consultant & IT group based in the heart of Pakistan, Faisalabad. Nice to meet you, we’re NCML. We’re a leader in digital consultancy. NCML start working in 1985 and become the digital consultancy pioneer.



Ubuntu a famous Linux distribution!

Hello guys!! Today we discuss one more distro of Linux—-that is Ubuntu most famous and one of the easy distro of the Linux. Ubuntu is a free and open source operating system and Linux Distributions based on Debian. Ubuntu is offered in three official Read more…


Red Hat Linux

Hello guys!! After many days I’m going o write something here…Sorry for the that. In my last topic, I describe many types of Linux distros. Now today I’m going to explain some of that types. Read more…

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