Author: Umair Iftikhar

National Computer Masters (pvt) Ltd.

Why Company Wiki is important?

Wiki is defined as a collection of Web pages designed for anyone to edit. Powered with hyperlinks, it keeps information in one place and ensures that the process of documenting important data stays simple. Applied to companies, Company Wiki or Business Wiki will help keeping knowledge and expertise organized in one place, enabling employees, or any other authorized person, to write…
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ERP Studio by NCML Pakistan

ERP Solutions are expensive then managing your organization in custom software. But NCML is giving you a affordable solution in your price range. NCML is introducing ERP Studio to provide best ERP Solutions in minimum price. Our 1st product is Zed-Keen ERP. ERP solution for Manufacturers. Zed-Keen is hybrid (Cloud + Ofline) ERP Solution that…
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Web based ERP software solutions – In Pakistan

Web based ERP software solutions are the modern miracle tool that can efficiently manage all your business processes and reports with its well-designed business modules, thereby bringing in a better production rate and keeping your business well organized. Furthermore, it provides real-time information about finance, order management, purchase, inventory, employee management, etc. precisely to help…
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Linux Day – 25 August, 2018 at NCML

Linux Day is celebrated every August 25, or on the Saturday closest to August 25 if it does not fall on a Saturday. There is a never-ending debate on whether Linux is an operating system or not. If you ask people in the field of IT, they could spare you some time and say that…
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The SLIM PHP, My Experience.

I have reviewed both Laravel and Slim as a replacement for CodeIgniter and I must say I am impressed by both of them. But Slim has a slight advantage for me, because in itself it doesn’t have much extras on board, but that is good if you know what you need and from there you…
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Content Management in the Cloud

A content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla can make the business of building and maintaining your website much easier. In much the same way as a CMS can take away the hassles of dealing with code, Engine Yard can take away the hassles of running your own infrastructure. Combining the two…
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