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Web based ERP software solutions – In Pakistan

Web based ERP software solutions are the modern miracle tool that can efficiently manage all your business processes and reports with its well-designed business modules, thereby bringing in a better production rate and keeping your business well organized. Furthermore, it provides real-time information about finance, order management, purchase, inventory, employee management, etc. precisely to help…
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The Slim a Micro Framework for PHP

Are you a PHP developer who is tired of long texts of code and wants to try new frameworks? In this article, I am eager to introduce you to Slim, a PHP framework that is designed specifically for the fast development of APIs and web applications. No question, Symfony, and Laravel are great tools as…
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The SLIM PHP, My Experience.

I have reviewed both Laravel and Slim as a replacement for CodeIgniter and I must say I am impressed by both of them. But Slim has a slight advantage for me, because in itself it doesn’t have much extras on board, but that is good if you know what you need and from there you…
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