The SLIM PHP, My Experience.

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The SLIM PHP, My Experience.

I have reviewed both Laravel and Slim as a replacement for CodeIgniter and I must say I am impressed by both of them. But Slim has a slight advantage for me, because in itself it doesn’t have much extras on board, but that is good if you know what you need and from there you can easily extend it with Illuminate (Database Abstraction), PHPmailer (mail), Twig support (that is already there), FIG Cookie support, Monolog, Carbon, Respect validation… and so on.

And Slim is easier to learn than Laravel (IMHO).

Laravel has so much already on board that it feels that it has much more than you need.

And I think Slim performs better than Laravel.

Currently I am rebuilding some projects I’ve done in CodeIgniter with Slim Framework and to me it feels like clay in my hands, I can mould what I like, and that is, because the concept footprint of Slim is very limited and quite easy to understand.

Laravel framework comes with an routing, ORM, authentication system while PHP slim is mainly about routing and a di container. That is the main reason why people call Laravel a full-stack framework and Slim a micro framework. You can be able to achieve the same output with either of them. The difference is that with Laravel, you have out of the box option while with Slim, you will need to use some libraries and write the some code yourself. If you simply need to build a couple of endpoints and want freedom in how you do it, I would recommend that you use Slim. However, it all depends on the requirements and the amount of time you have and how willing you are to explore the possibilities of using the same.


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