Why Company Wiki is important?

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Why Company Wiki is important?

Need of Company wiki and NCML Wiki

Wiki is defined as a collection of Web pages designed for anyone to edit. Powered with hyperlinks, it keeps information in one place and ensures that the process of documenting important data stays simple. Applied to companies, Company Wiki or Business Wiki will help keeping knowledge and expertise organized in one place, enabling employees, or any other authorized person, to write and edit data at any time.

Said in plain English, Wiki is your business memory, a hard drive of your company.

Wiki organizes your company knowledge, whether if it represents guidance for submitting a business idea, a restaurant where your company takes its clients, social media and social networks rules and guidelines, or any other relevant topic. It is just much easier if you have it all in one place, accessible to anyone at any given time.

What are the advantages of using Wiki? First, it’s flexible and very easy to edit. You employees can access it anytime! Wiki makes sharing much easier: instead of sending emails with documentation attached, you can send URL to your new employees or business partners. Also, when someone updates a Wiki page, it becomes visible to everyone with granted access.

If done properly, Business Wiki will be the very first place your employees turn to when they have questions to ask, or information to share. Business Wiki can help your new employees to learn the company’s rules and guidelines faster, and it’s a great tool for connecting teams and individuals.

Need of Company Wiki
Wiki is your business memory, a hard drive of your company.

NCML Public Wiki

NCML is starting its Company wiki but also starting Public Wiki with the name of NCML Wiki on 1st September 2019. This wiki contains the learning and research data on which Team of NCML working. So the public can also take benefit from R&D of our company. As we love open source so we are using MediaWiki for our project.

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