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Project Started: January 2018

Client(s) Served: 3

Project Founders: Umair Iftikhar

Co-Founders: Usman Shareef, Nimra Batool, Saim Nisar

ERP Studio is a Project of NCML, working on different ERP Softwares to make it possible to provide easy and cost-efficient ERPs to the small business and startups.

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This project is started by a group of individuals and NCML employees to provide valuable services to small companies and startups. Founding members are experts from different fields of computer and business.

ERP Studio is working on different opensource ERP and also developing its own ERP name Zed Keen. Zed Keen is the small ERP, especially focused on Textile Industry in Pakistan. Zed Keen is a web-based ERP using different opensource tools and languages, that help to reduce the cost of the solution and make it affordable to the customers have a small budget to maintain IT Infrastructure.


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