WIKILEAKS’ Twitter Chats Exposed

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WIKILEAKS’ Twitter Chats Exposed

As we  Julian Assange is the founder of Wikileaks. Recently we got news that Julian Assange twitter account has been hacked and over 11,000 messages have been posted online that include messages of conversation between 2015 to 2017.

The cabal—populated with around 10 close supporters—was a “low security” group created to share news stories, distribute disclosures, collate freedom of information requests, discuss politics and, in WikiLeaks’ own words, push “advance notice of hostile Twitter PR.”

The messages, given out in full for the first time on Sunday, have been referenced by U.S. thing by which something is done out-lets in the past. In February, The put a stop to first stated some key excerpts, including one small bit cut off showing criticism of Hillary Clinton and support for the Gop[Clinton’s] bright, well-connected, sadistic sociopaththe Wikileaks account said in November 2015.

The cache was published by national security researcher Emma Best, who broke out some key points in blog posts last week, including alleged anti-Semitic remarks. Best—who has clashed with WikiLeaks in the past—said the information was needed to provide “context” to news reports. The release was redacted in parts to protect the privacy of some named individuals. 


Here are some glimpse of the leak chats snapshots. we are presenting to you have a look at them. It contains all the conversation related to preference for Gop over Clinton, Russia, Trolling Feminists they don’t like.

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